A little bit about me!

Hey everyone!!!! So my name is Erica, and I have been wanting to start a blog for so long now!!! Real quick, little about myself!!! I am 29 years old, yes I am almost in the 30 club!!! Haha I have been with the same man, since I have been 19 and we have two amazing kids!! We have a son and a daughter, they bring so much laughter, smiles and yes…. chaos!!! But wouldn’t have it any other way!! I have just recently, started my journey as a stay at home mommy! Probably, out of all the jobs I have had, this takes more CAFFINE, than any! Haha but I do love it. My passions include cooking, decorating, fitness, and the latest celebrity gossip! Love getting together with my friends, oh who am I kidding… love talking to my friends on the phone, in between my coffee sips, and telling my kids to relax or calm down. I hope to be someone, that other moms, women can relate to, and get some good ideas from!!! So cheers to the superhero’s of the family, us moms!!

Stayn home with Erica!